Myanmar Nurse and Midwife Council (MNMC) held  a series of workshops for the development of continuing professional development (CPD) for Nurses and Midwives in Myanmar particularly for the development of CPD guidelines.

  • Workshop 1: (16-18. 10.2023)
    • With the technical and financial support of WHO, the first workshop was organized on 16-18 October 2023 at the University of Nursing, Yangon, and aimed to share the CPD systems for nurses in Philippines and Malaysia. A total of (45) nursing and midwifery professional leaders from Yangon, Mandalay, and Naypyitaw attended the opening ceremony. After sharing the information from Philippines and Malaysia, the working group for developing CPD guideline was formed with 29 nurses and midwives.
  • Workshop 2: (25-27.10.2023)
    • Workshop 2 was held at UON (Yangon) prepared the types of CPD activities and CPD Points or nurses and midwives in Myanmar, governance and mechanism of CPD system, roles and responsibility of CPD provider, supervisor, nurses and midwives, CPD fees and CPD roll out plan.
    • A total of 29 working group members including MNMC President, and CEC members, President of Myanmar Nurse and Midwife Association (MNMA) and nursing leaders from public health, medical services,  nursing and midwifery education attended the workshop. International consultant, Dr. Prakin Suchaxaya joined the morning session of workshop day one through Zoom application and provided her technical advice upon workshop 1 outputs.  The rest of the CPD guideline were discussed by the group in workshop 2.

Workshop 3: 29.11.2023

  • The CPD activity 3 (Workshop 3): Stakeholders Consensus Meeting on CPD Guideline was organized with 200 stakeholders from different States and Regions to get feedback and approval on the draft CPD guideline. Dr. Myat Wanna Soe, Director General of, Department of Medical Services opened the meeting. All the stakeholders were divided into six group and thoroughly reviewed the CPD guideline. Then the group presented their opinions to the whole group and asked for consensus. National and international consultants addressed their feedback into the draft CPD guideline. At the end of the meeting, the CPD guideline was approved by the stakeholders.
  • Present on the occasion were, director generals of directorates under MOH, rectors of the universities under MOH, responsible persons form Directorate of Medical Services under Ministry of Defence, Presidents of health related the associations/organizations, responsible persons from Nay Pyi Taw, States and Regions, representative nurses and midwives, and nurses from private sector.
  • Workshop 4: 30.11.2023
    •  Workshop 4 is the “National Workshop on Launching and Dissemination on CPD process and guideline”.  Deputy Minister for Health, Professor Dr Aye Tun delivered the opening speech. President of MNMC announced that “the CPD System would be effective from 1 December 2023”. The ceremony was closed by Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health.
    • A total of 400 participants, which includes Senior officials from MOH, representatives from Myanmar Medical Councils, Myanmar Medical Association, Myanmar Dental Council, Traditional Medicine, Health Assistant Organization, Myanmar Nurse and Midwife Association, private hospitals, Directorate of Medical Services, nursing and midwifery representatives and hospital superintendents from States and Regions and hospital attended the ceremony. Regulation of Professional Practice through CPD, Nurse and Midwife Regulation and Continuing Professional Development, Structure of CPD Guideline for Myanmar Nurses and Midwives, and the contents of the guideline were presented to the attendants.